League of Legends betting

League of Legends is a real time action-strategy game with a strong competitive scene by Riot Games. Being one of the spiritual successors of the classic warcraft DOTA, League of Legends has definitely earned its place among the esports scene.

In League of Legends you take a role of a "Summoner" and control a champion from a large selection of champions with different abilities and roles. The main objective of League of Legends is to breach the enemy teams defenses and destroy the enemy Nexus. Before reaching the Nexus players have to breach enemy teams' line of defenses which consists of turrets, minions and of course the opposing players and champions.

Bet on League of Legends esports matches

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League of Legends betting

League of Legends is one of the most popular MOBA on the market. Competing with DOTA 2, League of Legends is still a huge player in the esports scene. Finding esports matches which you can bet on is easy when betting on League of Legends since there are always ongoing and upcoming matches and leagues you can bet on many different esports betting sites. It is encouraged to bet on popular esports games such as League of Legends especially if you're just beginning to bet on esports. This is because it is relatively easy to find matches, events and generally good odds to bet on compared to the more marginal esports games.

Getting in the LoL competitive esports scene is also fairly easy because of the large amounts of information available about the League of Legends competitive scene online. Finding information about the esports scene is crucial when it comes down to esports betting. This is why easily available information is very valuable when deciding to place bets on esports matches and events.

League of Legends has various different roles for different champions and players

  • Marksman or more commonly known as AD Carry. Deals and delivers damage based on the physical attack damage points. AD carries try to deliver as much damage as they can to the enemy team and the opposing minions and turrets. AD Carries are usually responsible for pushing the enemy lanes and trying to breach the opposing team defenses.
  • Mage or AP Carry. Has the same job as AD Carry but fight using by using abilities and magic that scale with ability points.
  • Tank. Tanks can take damage and also deal damage. Tanks are often played on the left or right line front line. Their job is to withstand the enemy minion and champion damage as well as push the enemy lines. Tanks have abilities and qualities that make them great for pushing and defending. Some tanks champions can even deal great amounts of damage.
  • Support. Supports the team by providing healing, buffs and supportive spells. Support champions can also deal damage but their damage output is often a lot lower due to the supportive nature of these champions.
  • FIghter. Fighters are short range damage dealers who can deal damage and also sustain a little bit of damage from the enemy minions and champions.
  • Assasin. Assasins deal huge amounts of damage fast. They are designed to quickly take down enemy champions or jungle monsters. However, Assasins are usually quite fragile and cannot sustain a lot of damage from the enemy minions or champions.

Maps and game modes

League of Legends has three different maps with different game modes. Each map offers a different gameplay experience.

  • Summoner's Rift - 5 vs 5, 3 lanes (left, right and middle), jungle and monster to kill for buffs and gold
  • The Twisted Treeline - 3 vs 3, 2 lanes, middle jungle
  • Howling Abyss - 5 vs 5, single lane, no healing, limited shopping and more strict rules for gameplay

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help_outlineAre there good markets for League of Legends betting?

There are plenty of great betting markets for League of Legends and matches. We recommend betting on League of Legends tournaments because they offer great opportunities for esports betting.

help_outlineWhat are the best markets for LOL betting?

We recommend betting on major League of Legends events and tournaments. There are also many great opportunities found in smaller leagues and tournaments which offer a wide range of markets and odds to choose from. Most of the time you should bet on events you are familiar with but by following our tips you can also find other great selections for betting.

help_outlineWhy to bet on League of Legends?

LOL is a very popular esports game with a strong esports community. League of Legends tournaments are frequent and major tournaments like the world championship offer a huge selection of markets with a lot of information and betting tips found online.