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Overwatch World Cup 2019

The Overwatch World Cup is being organized the fourth time during BlizzCon 2019 on November 1-2 in Anaheim California. Once again teams representing their nationality will compete to win the Overwatch World Champion title. However this year there are some changes compared to the previous years and we have covered the most notable changes and interesting points about the Overwatch World Cup 2019 event. The event will be broadcast to all live platforms globally.

The new tournament structure allows all teams from all nationalities to enter the tournament to compete for a place in the onsite Group Stage regardless of the players's backgrounds. All players will compete for their national glory in this grand tournament. This year we can expect to see some new exciting excelling incomers in the Overwatch World Cup. Last year in the Overwatch World Cup 2018 boiled down to a furious showdown between Finland and South Korea in which South Korea eventually took their rightful title as the Overwatch World Champion. We still predict that South Korea and Finland will be seen in the World Cup playoffs this year but with new teams and nationalities entering the World Cup it is likely that we will see some new nationalities in the playoffs.

The 2019 Overwatch World Cup will consist of 4 different phases. First, all teams compete to gain their place in the second phase preliminary games. Top 5 ranked players in the preliminary games will progress straight to third phase the group stage. The rest are left competing for the 5 open places available in the third phase group stage. The group stage consists of two slots, A and B. In each slot the top 3 teams will progress to the playoffs. The single-elimination playoff bracket will be played out on Saturday November 2 at the BlizzCon Arena. The matches will be broadcast on all major streaming and live platforms.

Published 2019-04-27
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