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CS:GO is the classic high intensity fps game with a fast paced gameplay. In Counter Strike you play either as a counter terrorist or terrorist. The terrorist's objective is to plant and detonate a bomb on one of two bomb sites. Usually on competitive maps there are two bomb sites (A and B) where the terrorists can plant the bomb. The counter terrorist's objective is to prevent the terrorists from planting and detonating the bomb. Terrorists can also win a round by eliminating all the counter terrorists in a round of CS:GO. However, if a bomb is planted the counter terrorists must defuse the bomb even if all the terrorist have been eliminated.

Counter Strike has gained a leading position in the esports scene and it has a very active esports community. Currently CS:GO is one of the most popular esports game with a growing number of major league tournaments and events. You can find various markets for CS:GO betting online.

Bet on CS:GO esports matches

New customers only. 18+, T&Cs apply.
New customers only. 18+, T&Cs apply.
New customers only. 18+, T&Cs apply.
New customers only. 18+, T&Cs apply.

Focus on CS:GO betting

When choosing esports betting markets you should focus on CS:GO betting. CS:GO is simple and straight forward, there are no fancy abilities or magical items. At the end of the day matches are settled by the players and team play, not random number generators.

Whether you are a seasoned gamer and an esports enthusiast or a regular Joe you can easily get the hang of the basics CS:GO and start betting on matches. By following our news and tips on CS:GO esports it is easy to start betting on CS:GO markets and events.

CS:GO Betting

CS:GO esports betting is a very popular betting market. With increasing number of tournaments and the continuous rise of esports has brought many new betting opportunities for gamblers and CS:GO experts. Esportstips will provide you with the best and latest tips and information to help you make the best bets on CS:GO matches.

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help_outlineCan I bet on CS:GO matches online?

Yes, CS:GO is among the most popular esports games and the betting markets for CS:GO are very broad. Find the best odds and win.

help_outlineIs CS:GO betting safe?

Yes. CS:GO betting is like just any other betting. It is like betting on football or any other sport.